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the queen of sciences, holds no secrets for you! Use papers, math games and problems to help you improve your grades.


From a single atom to the whole universe. Phenomena, laws and rules. Helpful essays of physics issues/subjects at elementary and advanced levels, along with exams.


Elements and chemical compounds. Acids and bases. The thrilling world of chemistry awaits only for the moment when you uncover it! Study the theory and check your knowledge in exams!

Learn mathematics, physics, and chemistry on-line


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How to join a contest?

To join a contest, you must log in to your account at the website. Then open the "Contests" tab in the menu at the top of the site. This will open a list of contests. Clicking "View" will open the details of a selected contest. A description, prizes available to win, and contest entry topics are available there. Here you can select and book a topic for which you want to prepare a contest entry.

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Once a topic is booked, it is available to be written by accessing the "Write a Paper" tab in the top menu.

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Primary school

Multiplication and division, powers and roots, common and decimal fractions, equations, geometry...

Secondary school

material at the basic and advanced level. From logic to logarithms, systems of equations, linear and quadratic functions, to limits of sequences and limits of functions.


Differentials, integrals, and functions of two variables. Matrices, complex numbers, and number theory. Combinatorics, statistics, and calculus of probability.

How to learn mathematics?

Learning mathematics requires a combination of three elements to be successful: learning the theory, understanding it, and then thoroughly putting the theory into practice. This works well at every level of education. You can go through all these three stages at! You can learn faster and remember the material better by solving interesting on-line math problems. You will also find the essential theory here!

Theories include formulas, theorems, and the multiplication table. It also explains the steps to follow to get the correct result. It is worth learning them by heart so that your further study of mathematics can proceed smoothly and efficiently. This knowledge will also help you solve math problems faster, both at home and at tests or exams, where every minute is worth its weight in gold.

Mathematics is likeable!

There are many myths and biases surrounding school mathematics. It is commonly considered a difficult subject that only a few can master. Wrongly, in our view. It is worth getting rid of preconceptions and opening your mind to new knowledge. Interesting mathematical problems and absorbing mathematical games will certainly help here. We are eager to show you that learning mathematics on-line is not only convenient, but also extremely effective! From now on, your math tests will no longer give you sleepless nights and incomprehensible sequences of numbers and signs will start to form a logical whole.

On-line mathematics provides opportunities for self-study that have not been available until recently. It allows knowledge to be acquired quickly and then put into practice. This is done with the help of mathematical problems, the undeniable advantage of which is that you immediately learn the correct result and find out where your calculations went wrong. Mathematical games, where the time of answering is also important, are of even greater interest. In addition, they contain an element of rivalry as the results obtained can be compared with the results of other users. As a result, the math games are motivating for students. Study for your Matura examination in mathematics or school test using the solutions available on our website and you are guaranteed to get a good result!

Math for Students

We also create mathematical materials and problems at a more advanced level. You will find integrals, differentials, matrices, elements of statistics, and other topics that appear in math classes of economics or engineering studies. Students can also consolidate knowledge by playing mathematical games at platform.